A burial service is still the most frequently used interment method. If you choose to be buried, you will need to either purchase a new grave or we can re-open an existing family grave. We will liaise with the cemetery staff and grave diggers for the opening and closing of the grave, and will take care of all of the other necessary arrangements relating to a burial.

At the moment in Galway City, you are unable to buy a new grave until somebody has passed away. The New Cemetery in Bohermore is now full, meaning that you are unable to buy a new grave there. You can buy a single plot grave in Rahoon cemetery which can cater for two coffins. In Rinville Cemetery, Oranmore, you have the choice of buying a single grave, which can cater for three coffins, or a double grave, which can cater for six coffins.

In The New Cemetery Bohermore, Rahoon Cemetery and Rinville Cemetery, you can however buy an urn plot.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or questions in relating to the purchasing of a new grave or the re-opening of an existing grave.